Google Summer of Code with Mozilla

This a Big Moment and I am extremely happy to say that I have been selected by Mozilla as a Google Summer of Code Student  :D :D

My project is to add :
Functional Test Suite and Features for QA Taskboard - One and Done 
Detailed Proposal for the project is here

I would be working with the Web QA team and under the awesome mentorship of Bob Silverberg (:bsilverberg). I will be blogging about my weekly progress here, So keep an eye if you are interested.

I would like to express special thanks to Stephen Donner, and Bob Silverberg who always stood up for help whenever I asked them and to the whole Web QA team. I still remember the first time when I joined you all on IRC looking for Dave Hunt to put in my first patch and was welcomed warmly by Zac Campbell.

O am I forgetting someone ? YES , I forgot the one who always gives me badges !!! Yes I am talking about Rebecca Billings :D Florin, Andrei, Raymond, Matt, Krupa : You all are really awesome. Once again thanks team, its a pleasure to work with you all and would always be, I would try my best to complete this project on time and never let you down.

This Summer is gonna be great, Thanks Mozilla !!!

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