My Talk Proposal for JSFoo 2015 - Debugging Javascript on Mobile Browsers

Here is a proposal of my talk titled “Debugging Javascript on Mobile-Browsers” for JSFoo 2015. It covers a major part of the research work I did while interning with Mobile team at BrowserStack.

Although the tools mentioned in this talk are for general Mobile Web Debugging which provide JS Debugging, Element Inspection, Network, Resources, Sources, Profiling etc depending on tool, but in the talk I’ll mainly concentrate on JS Debugging.

Link to Proposal

Gist of Talk

Slides for Talk

I wish it gets selected, and I get a chance to speak at JSFoo this year. This is a completely fresh set of slides, so do suggest any modifications so that it can be made better.

Drop me a mail if you want me to speak at your event/conference on “Mobile Web Debugging”.

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